Course Highlights

Eduzphere’s Cost & Estimation course focuses on approaches to estimating costs and schedules for any project. Understand the various project areas that must be estimated, and the tools and methodologies best suited for the estimates will prepare by Civil Engineer. Recognize the importance of effective estimating throughout the project management lifecycle.


  • Preparing BOQ (Bill of Quantities)
  • Define cost estimating, cost estimating terms, and cost estimating concepts such as Basis of Estimate
  • Create and use a solid Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) to estimate cost and work
  • Create cost estimates using different estimating techniques
  • Apply a formal process to create a cost estimate for any project
  • How to take rates by CSR / DSR
  • Preparing DNIT (Detail Notice Inviting Tender)
  • Compatible with AUTO CAD

Course Details

Cost Estimating Overview
  • Cost estimating terms and key concepts
  • Major challenges associated with cost estimating
  • Iterative nature of cost estimating
  • Estimating with different product life cycles
Getting Started
  • Prerequisites to the estimating process
  • Multiple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) types
  • Creating a deliverable-based WBS
  • Resource breakdown structures (RBS)
Estimating Techniques
  • Units of measure
  • Estimating techniques for developing cost estimates
  • Pros and cons of each estimating technique
  • Creating cost estimates using the different estimating techniques
Finalizing the Estimate
  • Ten-step cost estimating process
  • Techniques to clarify the estimating request and scope of work
  • Accounting for individual characteristics of resources
  • Documenting an estimate to ensure clear understanding of the cost estimate, assumptions, accuracy, confidence, etc.
  • Five tips that can improve estimating